Storage Stories

Pitfalls to avoid


  • Never bend at the waist to pick up a carton. Bend at the knees and keep your back straight.
  • Don’t start packing a carton without taping the bottom.
  • Don’t attempt to pack cartons the wrong way up.
  • Don’t leave cartons with too much space inside; always pack the carton to the very top and to both sides. Any gaps can cause the carton to crush or items to be damaged.
  • To close a carton, always fold in two opposite sides followed by the remaining two. Tape the top in the same way as the bottom. Never crisscross the carton flaps.
  • Cartons should not be placed on polished surfaces; any dirt and grit impregnated into the bottom of packed cartons can cause scratching of the surface.
  • Take care when reopening cartons if cutting the tape with a knife to avoid damaging the contents.
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