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Tips and hints for good packing


If you opt for our Basic Plan and want to pack your goods yourself, here are some simple tips to packing and wrapping that will help protect your goods during transit to our storage facility.

  • Wrap each item individually.
  • Use sturdy cartons that are designed for household removals.
  • Make sure cartons are packed the right way up.
  • First fold two opposite flaps, then the remaining two flaps over. Use one length of tape along the central seam. Use two further lengths of tape over the edge of seams.
  • Put heavy items into smaller boxes for easy lifting.
  • Never overfill a carton. As a guide, one person should be able to comfortably lift a packed carton unaided.
  • Put heavy things at the bottom of any carton to avoid crushing other items.
  • Pad out space within a carton with crushed paper to ensure there is no movement within the carton during the move.
  • Label each carton carefully so you know its contents.
  • Tape each carton closed once full.

Pitfalls to avoid

  • Never bend at the waist to pick up a carton. Bend at the knees and keep your back straight.
  • Don’t start packing a carton without taping the bottom.
  • Don’t attempt to pack cartons the wrong way up.
  • Don’t leave cartons with too much space inside; always pack the carton to the very top and to both sides. Any gaps can cause the carton to crush or items to be damaged.
  • To close a carton, always fold in two opposite sides followed by the remaining two. Tape the top in the same way as the bottom. Never crisscross the carton flaps.
  • Cartons should not be placed on polished surfaces; any dirt and grit impregnated into the bottom of packed cartons can cause scratching of the surface.
  • Take care when reopening cartons if cutting the tape with a knife to avoid damaging the contents.

If packing your goods seems like hard work, why not choose our Classic or Business Plan, which includes a packing service and all materials.

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